Blog Tour: Intrigued By Love (Written in the Stars #5) by Sienna Snow

Today is my stop during the blog tour for Intrigued By Love (Written in the Stars #5) by Sienna Snow. Intrigued by Love is a second-chance romance from USA Today bestselling author Sienna Snow. It’s now available and only 99 cents for a limited time.

Title: Intrigued By Love
Author: Sienna Snow
Series: Written in the Stars #5

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I read my horoscope.

Dear Gemini,
A blast from the past will force you to confront your dual nature.
Love is in the air, but only if you are open to it.
Remember, your heart can’t heal if you don’t examine the wounds.

Only one man fit that description. Jackson Burton. Libra. Breaker of hearts, my ex-boyfriend, and the best man for my sister’s wedding.

When he ghosted me, I ran as far away as I could, to this island paradise. Now, I was also trapped here for the wedding.

With him.

With the memories of our life together.

Our chemistry was more than just a memory. It was a live wire.

And he planned to spend the next month reminding me exactly what I was missing.


My pulse jumped as I whirled around to face Jax. He leaned against the railing closest to the stairs leading down to the lower patio.
It was as if my thoughts, my memories had conjured him, but I knew the truth. It was his need to talk to me, to throw me off-kilter, to make me lose the control I liked in my life.
The energy burned between us like a livewire, just as it had been since heโ€™d stepped foot on my resort. However, here we were alone. There was no escaping him now.
He looked so good. The rolled-up sleeves and open collar of his shirt gave a hint of the tattoos that covered his arms and body and made a woman glimpse the rebel under the polished businessman. The fact I knew every inch of him, the way he kissed, the way he possessed a woman, the way he fucked added to the anxiety now coursing through me.
โ€œWhy are you on my balcony, Jax?โ€
His slight smile touched his full lips, and he moved closer to where I stood. โ€œYou tell me what you were thinking about and Iโ€™ll answer your question.โ€
I retreated until my back hit the pillar near the balcony rail, realizing too late that Iโ€™d just put myself in a more compromising position than if Iโ€™d stayed still and stood my ground.
โ€œJax. This area is off-limits to guests.โ€
What was the point of having a lone villa away from the resort if no one respected my privacy?
โ€œAm I only a guest to you, Kai? The last time we were alone, I thought I was the man you loved.โ€
Closing my eyes, I tried to hide the pain his words brought forth as well as the tears that burned my eyes.
Jax cupped my jaw, causing a startled gasp to escape my lips.
I stared into his stormy gray eyes, seeing the intensity Iโ€™d imagined so many times over the last few years.
He thumbed the wetness dampening my cheeks. โ€œYou wouldnโ€™t cry if you didnโ€™t still feel something for me.โ€
โ€œFeeling something for you was never the problem. Itโ€™s how you felt about me.โ€
Confusion flashed over his face, then hurt before it disappeared and was replaced with his standard cool mask.
โ€œYou were my world. My future. My everything.โ€
I swallowed, not wanting to scream and tell him to fuck off. If it was true then why had he let me believe I hadnโ€™t mattered, that his career, his ambition, his family were more important than me?
Instead of voicing my questions, I set a hand on his chest and pushed, but the man wouldnโ€™t budge. Instead, he grabbed hold of my wrists and pinned them above my head.
A shiver shot down my spine and straight to my clit.
He loomed over me. The heat of his body, so close to mine, added fuel to the fire of need he seemed to bring forth without trying.
โ€œYou donโ€™t believe me?โ€
โ€œIt doesnโ€™t matter. It was over two years ago.โ€ I made my best attempt to sound disinterested, knowing good and well I was failing. โ€œWe both moved on.โ€
His hold only tightened for a fraction of a second before loosening.
โ€œIs that right?โ€ Holding my gaze, he asked, โ€œHow would you know if I moved on or not? You left without looking back.โ€
I couldnโ€™t tell him that I kept tabs on him. To see if he was seeing someone else or if he found someone who fit into the world he was born into.
โ€œLeaving was the only choice I had.โ€
โ€œDid you ever think that I deserved to know the reason you walked out the door?โ€
โ€œIt doesnโ€™t matter. Itโ€™s in the past.โ€
โ€œPast? I think not.โ€ He leaned in, grazing his jaw along the column of my neck and causing goose bumps to pebble my skin. โ€œI know every nuance of your body, and the way youโ€™re reacting to me right now says there is no past to us.โ€

About the Author:
Inspired by her years working in corporate America, Sienna loves to serve up stories woven around confident and successful women who know what they want and how to get it, both in โ€“ and out โ€“ of the bedroom.

Her heroines are fresh, well-educated, and often find love and romance through atypical circumstances. Sienna treats her readers to enticing slices of hot romance infused with empowerment and indulgent satisfaction.

Sienna loves the life of travel and adventure. She plans to visit even the farthest corners of the world and delight in experiencing the variety of cultures along the way. When she isnโ€™t writing or traveling, Sienna is working on her โ€œhappily ever afterโ€ with her husband and children.


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