Cover Reveal: The Ninth Inning by J. Sterling

Today is the cover reveal for The Ninth Inning by J. Sterling. The Ninth Inning, an all-new second-chance standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author J. Sterling, is coming April 10th and we have the dreamy cover!

Title: The Ninth Inning
Author: J. Sterling
Series: The Boys of Baseball #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Cole Anders is in his last season at Fullton State. If he doesnโ€™t get drafted this year, heโ€™ll be forced to hang up his cleats for good. It’s not something heโ€™s ready to do.

To prove heโ€™s serious about his final season, heโ€™s given up girls. No more casual hookups, dates or one-night stands. But there’s one girl who has always refused to give up on him. One girl who has been there since the start of Freshman year. One girl he stupidly assumed would always be waiting for him when he got off the field, no matter how long it took.

Christina’s had enough of Cole pushing her aside for baseball. Sheโ€™s grown tired of waiting for him to see what sheโ€™s known since they were freshmenโ€ฆ that they are good together. Sheโ€™s finally moved on- for good this time.

Cole has other ideas, but she refuses to cave. Itโ€™s not her problem if he wants her now. Too little too late.

There comes a point in your life when you have to stop the incessant merry-go-round and just get off the ride, right? Try telling that to Cole.

About the Author:
My goal is to write books that you can get lost in and stories that will leave you with a smile and a full heart. If you can forget about the real world while you’re reading and fall in love with my characters, then I’ve done my job. A lot of what I write has real life aspects in it, but that’s what makes the stories so relatable- the fact that they could happen to anyone… and have!

I live in California with my son, Blake. If you can’t find me sitting behind a computer screen, then there’s a good chance I’m sitting in the bleachers of a baseball stadium watching him play. I love traveling to new places, meeting my readers and spending time with the love of my life, my very own second chance romance, who inspires me daily.

I know you have a million books to choose from and I am humbled, grateful and thankful each time you choose to read one of mine, or tell someone else to read them. Thank you.


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