Release Day: No Feelings Involved

Today is the release day for No Feelings Involved! I am so excited to finally share this story with you. It’s a standalone new adult brother’s best friend/ best friend’s little sister forbidden romance. It focuses on Ryan James who is Gabby’s brother from When Forever Changes. You asked for it and I delivered, lol. And, yes, you will find out what happened between him and Myndi! HOWEVER!!!!! You don’t need to have read When Forever Changes to enjoy this story although you’ll miss out on lots of awesomeness if you haven’t!

No Feelings Involved

No Feelings Involved
by Siobhan Davis

Book Description:
Can this skeptical player let down his guard long enough to let love into his life, or is this forbidden romance a train wreck in the making?

Ryan James doesn’t believe in love.

It’s a truth he learned early in life. A truth he carried with him into adulthood. He broke his golden rule one time, but Myndi trampled all over his heart, cementing his belief that love is a lie and not worth the effort.

Now he’s returned to his cynical views and promiscuous lifestyle, racking up more notches on his bedpost than he can count.

Until Summer Petersen comes crashing into his world, threatening to knock down his walls with her tempting body and sunny, sweet personality.

Summer is determined to lose her V-card before she starts freshman year of college, and the hot, older guy with the cute dimples, dazzling smile, and rippling biceps is just the man for the job. Ryan doesn’t take much persuading, and he rocks her world, giving her a night to remember.

When they walk away, there’s an unspoken agreement it was a one-time thing. Ryan doesn’t do feelings, and Summer doesn’t want to be tied down at eighteen.

But when she moves into her brother Austin’s apartment, she’s shocked to discover her new roomie is the guy who recently popped her cherry.

Ryan can’t believe he slept with Austin’s baby sister, and if he finds out, he’ll literally kill him. Keeping their hook up a secret is nonnegotiable. Keeping his thoughts, and his hands, off Summer, less so. Because the longer he’s around her, the more he finds himself catching feelings for the gorgeous brunette.

Summer doesn’t want to care for her older brother’s best friend, but Ryan makes her feel things she’s never felt before, and she’s slowly falling under his spell.

Embarking on an illicit affair behind Austin’s back has train wreck written all over it, but provided they keep their feelings in check, they can end this before he ever finds out.

It’s not like either of them is in love.


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Book Trailer


My alarm goes off a half hour earlier than usual, and I rouse the Sleeping Beauty in my arms. “Baby.” I press a kiss to her temple, threading my fingers through her hair. I hate to disturb her when she looks like she’s in a deep sleep, but she needs to go back to her room before Austin wakes. “You need to get up.”

She snuggles into my body, and I close my eyes, savoring the warmth of her skin against mine. “This sucks,” she murmurs into my bare chest, and a chuckle works its way through me.

“I won’t disagree. But unless you want your brother to catch you in here, you need to leave. Now.”

Yawning, she sits up, rubbing sleep from her eyes. Then she turns around, leaning down to press a delicate kiss to my mouth. “Parting is such sweet sorrow,” she whispers against my lips, reciting one of Juliet’s most famous lines, “that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.” Her smile is adoring as she kisses me one final time before tiptoeing out of my room.

I’m in a daze watching the closed door after she’s left, because it’s in this moment that reality finally dawns on me.

I’m in love with her.

I’m completely head over heels for Summer Petersen.

And that means I’m totally and utterly screwed.


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