Release Day: Twisted Betrayal

Today is the release day for Twisted Betrayal, the second book in my Rydeville High Elite series. If you thought book one was twisted, you ain’t seen nothing yet!! Lol. Prepare yourself, because this one will give you literary whiplash and leave you dangling off a cliff by your fingertips. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

About The Book

Twisted BetrayalTwisted Betrayal (Rydeville High #2)
by Siobhan Davis

Book Description:
In the power struggle between two elite groups, one feisty girl will bring them to their knees…

He thinks he’s broken me. That I’m finally under his complete control. But I’m biding my time, gathering intel, making plans, and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. So, when an unexpected savior appearsβ€”offering me a way outβ€”I grasp it with both hands.

But the man I love refuses to let me go, and he’s hell-bent on protecting me at all costs.

Except he’s far too late.

Kaiden’s betrayal fuels the anger flowing through my veins, and now our roles are reversedβ€”I’m the hunter, and he’s my prey. I enjoy torturing him, lying to him, and letting him believe in false truths that were never our reality.

Until the stakes are raised, and I’m forced into playing their game again. Only this time, it’s not just my life hanging in the balance.

I thought he’d done his worst. That he didn’t have the power to hurt me anymore.

But I was wrong.

His depravity knows no bounds, and now, he’s taken everything from me.

This time, it means war, and I’m taking no prisoners.







*Warning – spoilers if you haven’t read book one, Cruel Intentions, yet!

I’m tucked up under the blanket, enjoying the fresh brisk air slapping my cheeks, when the door slides open and Jackson sticks his head out. β€œWhat the fuck are you doing out here?” he inquires, shivering. β€œIt’s cold enough to freeze my balls off.”
β€œIt’s not cold under the blanket.” I tilt my head to the side. β€œGrab a coffee and come join me.”
He returns a couple minutes later wrapped up in a puffy jacket and scarf with a beanie pulled down over his head. β€œYou’re such a wimp.” I open one side of the blanket. β€œCome on. I’ll let you siphon some of my body heat.”
β€œTempting as that is, beautiful, I still value breathing. And Kai already wants to murder me in cold blood and feed me, in little pieces, to the sharks at the Rydeville Aquarium.”
β€œThis caveman act is getting real old,” I admit, warming my hands around the fresh cup of coffee he hands me.
β€œGet used to it. You’re his baby momma. It will only get worse.”

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