Review: Bound (The Four Horsemen #2) by L.J. Swallow

Title: Bound
Author: L.J. Swallow
Series: The Four Horsemen #2
Rating: 5 stars
Genres: Paranormal Romance

What happens when you discover Truth is a lie?

Ewan’s shock revelation sends Vee’s life further into chaos, and she faces an uncertain future in a secret world she never knew existed.

Vee joins the Four Horsemen’s hunt for those behind the plot to murder a fae queen, where she discovers society faces bigger dangers than she realised.

One night changes everything and increases Vee’s determination to harness her power and step into her new role.

The Four Horsemen now have their missing link and will each do anything to protect and support her, but Vee’s determined to show them she can be their equal.

The group are about to find out exactly how powerful Truth is.

My Review:
A fantastic sequel, and one that hooked me instantly. I love how Vee is adapting and reacting to her new reality; she is growing stronger and more confident, and it’s welcome character progression. And these guys! Seriously, they are unbelievably awesome and so in tune with her needs. And the chemistry and connection between them is smoking hot and it jumps off the pages. I’ve read Lisa’s contemporary romances, so I know she writes fantastic romance so I was expecting no less. I enjoyed how the romance is ramping up and I’m so glad Heath was her first. I also love Ewan and Joss but I really can’t stand Xander and I think I want to punch him more than Vee does at times. The story develops nicely in this one too and I like the intrigue and suspense. On to book 3!

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