Review: Did I Mention I Miss You? (The DIMILY Trilogy #3) by Estelle Maskame

Title: Did I Mention I Miss You?
Author: Estelle Maskame
Series: The DIMILY Trilogy #3
Rating: 4 stars
Genres: Contemporary Romance

A year has passed since Eden last spoke to Tyler. She remains furious at him for his abrupt departure last summer but has done her best to move on with her life at college in Chicago. As school breaks up for the summer, she s heading back to Santa Monica, but she s not the only one who decides to come home…

Having been left behind to deal with the aftermath of their bombshell revelation and a family torn apart, Eden has no time for Tyler when he reappears. But where has Tyler been? And is she as over him as she likes to think? Or can Tyler and Eden finally work things out, despite their family and against all the odds?

The explosive finale to Estelle Maskame s international bestselling DIMILY trilogy, and the highly anticipated conclusion to Eden and Tyler s addictive love story.

My Review:
UPDATE: Per Estelle’s note below all comments regarding the blurb not matching the book are not relevant anymore. I just didn’t want to change my review after the fact.
The book I just read doesn’t match the description on Goodreads and I note there is a new publication date so I’m guessing the version that’s releasing in December is an updated version? I’ll definitely check it out to see what changes were made.

I did enjoy reading the final book in the series even if he did have a slightly different vibe to the first two books.

Tyler’s character development in this series is absolutely superb and I say bravo to Estelle for the expert way she crafted and nurtured his character. I’ve gone from despising him in book one to totally loving him in book three. Tyler is awesome and such a motivational character in how he has turned his life around.

Eden has grown up in this instalment too. Her reactions toward Tyler at the start of the book were bang-on. I was cheering her on because I felt her pain and her anger and she was totally justified in feeling that way, but I loved how she afforded him the opportunity to explain, and it was an explanation worth waiting for.

The rest of the book shows them developing more of a normal relationship and it was really sweet and so good to see these characters getting their HEA.

I also loved the two moms and it was great to see how supportive they were of their kids even if they didn’t fully agree with some of their decisions. I’m not sure how I feel about Tyler’s dad, and given the timeframe whether it was credible or not, but, hey, this isn’t real life so I just went with the flow. Eden’s dad continues to be the greatest jackass to walk the planet and I’m glad that she took the bull by the horns and tried to tackle him at the end.

My main complaint with this book is that there was no real conflict (beyond what we are used to in this series) and no climactic moment. I kept expecting some bombshell or obstacle to be thrown their way but nothing happened. The story seemed a little flat as a result. I still enjoyed it but I think it was lacking a little on the dramatic front. I also would have really loved an epilogue set in the future. Hopefully, both those points will be addressed in the new version and I look forward to checking it out.

Having read this complete series now, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very addictive – I’ve read the three books pretty much non-stop, back to back, over the last few days, and I got totally immersed in the characters lives and the settings. I hugely enjoyed how each book had a different backdrop and that only added to the appeal. If you haven’t checked this series out and you enjoy teen drama and angst and/or step-sibling romance, then I highly recommend it.

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