Review: Fallen Crest University (Fallen Crest High #5) by Tijan

fallen-crest-universityTitle: Fallen Crest University
Author: Tijan
Series: Fallen Crest High #5
Rating: 4 stars
Genres: New Adult Romance

Fallen Crest is back with a vengeance!

Samantha, Mason, and Logan are all together and united with one common enemy: Sebastian Park, the king of fraternity douchebags.

With professional football scouts eyeing his every move, Mason Kade has to walk the line for the first time in his life. Any move he makes against Sebastian has to be perfect and under the radar. One mistake, and his career is over.

Sebastian has other plans. Masonโ€™s career isnโ€™t his targetโ€”not even close. Wanting to destroy Mason completely, Sebastian knows he must hit him where it hurts the most: Samantha, who doesnโ€™t give a ratโ€™s ass that sheโ€™s the target.

Sam is bound and determined to protect Mason herself, no matter the cost, but what if the cost is beyond her imagination? What if this time, the villain wins?

My Review:
Another great instalment in this highly addictive series. The scene has changed to Cain U but nothing much has changed. Logan, Mason, Sam, and Nate are a cohesive unit again facing off against new threats. This time, Park Seb-ass-tian is a formidable foe and they have to up their game to stay ahead. There was plenty of tension and conflict and I was anxious waiting for it to all kickoff. When it did – in the last part of the book – it was an epic showdown. I loved how Mase has matured and how intelligence won out over fists.

In general, character development was decent in this book, especially with Sam and Mason. I did hate how they were still keeping things from one another although I understood it was coming from a protective place. However, if it’s not a thing of the past in the next book I can see myself getting very frustrated. In reality, no one would be happy with their other half lying so much to them, much less able to pass it off so flippantly like Mase did here. I would like to see them a totally united team in the next book, with no secrets or lies.

Certain parts of the plot were predictable (Summer? Hello?) and others less so (the revelations at the end were brilliant) and there were some holes in the plot that frustrated me a little. I’m not sure how well the scene in the house at the end would hold up to more detailed scrutiny but I just went with the flow. I also didn’t like how Sam’s running career (and the reason for her track scholarship) disappeared completely in this book – there was no mention of her coach or her training with the team, and while it isn’t pivotal to the plot, it speaks to the core of her personality, so I was a little perplexed that it was completely glossed over. It’s a minor point, and it didn’t dent my enjoyment, but it wasn’t consistent characterization.

I was wondering when the mom was going to make a reappearance and now I’m intrigued to see where this is going in the next book.

Sam and Mase are such a wonderful couple and I hope we get to see their wedding in one of the later books. They so deserve a happy ever after.

Onto Logan’s book next…

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