Review: Starbound (Starstruck #3) by Brenda Hiatt

StarboundTitle: Starbound
Author: Brenda Hiatt
Series: Starstruck #3
Rating: 3 stars
Genres: Science Fiction Romance

Being a Princess isnโ€™t all itโ€™s cracked up to be!
Between keeping high security secrets from everyone (including Rigel) and trying to keep Rigel and Sean from killing each other (with no help from Trina, of course!) M has more than enough on her plate already.
She knew that as newly discovered Princess of a secret Martian colony, sheโ€™d have to return there somedayโ€”but over spring break?? An emergency requires her immediate presence but not everyone is overjoyed to have their long-lost Princess back. Can she win her people over in time to save the colony from destruction? And what will she have to give up in return?

My Review:
I loved the imagination of the author in this installment of the series, and I really enjoyed the different settings, especially the fictional Martian colony in Ireland, the spaceship journey, and Mars itself.

I also enjoyed the few chapters we got from Sean’s POV. Poor Sean, he really has gotten a bum deal. He is so loyal and supportive to M even though she always makes it clear to him that she loves Rigel, and that that will never change. I felt for the guy. I would have liked some chapters from Rigel’s perspective, as he was getting a raw deal in this book too.

I was enjoying this book up to the 60% mark and then it slowed down and I started skimming. The political situation was way too drawn out and repetitive and there was very little on the romance plot. I hated that Rigel and M were either separated or forced to stay apart in this book.

It’s still well written, but it could have been shorter in my opinion.

When I finished the book, I was actually so frustrated with it that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with the series. My finger hovered uncertainly over the one-click button. In the end, I went ahead and purchased the last book, as I hate not finishing the full story. I just hope the next book improves.

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