Review: Starfall (Starstruck #4) by Brenda Hiatt

StarfallTitle: Starfall
Author: Brenda Hiatt
Series: Starstruck #4
Rating: 3.5 stars
Genres: Science Fiction Romance

The electrifying conclusion to the Starstruck series!

M, no longer a nerdy nobody, has finally been acclaimed Sovereign Emileia, ruler of the Martian colony Nuath. But at what cost? Without her soulmate Rigel, life seems pointless but sheโ€™s expected to shake off her heartbreak and assume her responsibilities. Reluctantly, M does what she must until an unexpected discovery restores a glimmer of hope for the future. Now she is determined to do whatever she can to salvage her longed-for happy endingโ€”if itโ€™s not already too late.

My Review:
This was a decent conclusion to the series, and a vast improvement on the last book, in my opinion.

I really felt for M in this book as the full extent of her leadership role hits home. Thrust headfirst into the manipulative political world on Mars, she must keep her wits about her if she is to correctly separate those who are trustworthy from those who are power-hungry and who seek to use her for their own end. It’s a tricky situation, especially for one so young. Betrayal abounds with heartbreaking consequences.

Separated from Rigel, she struggles to hold it all together. But M proves her resilience and demonstrates what a natural born leader she truly is.

The twist with Rigel was good and unexpected.

There is strength in numbers, and together, M and Rigel, are a force to be reckoned with.

One of the things I really liked about this series was how loyal both M and Rigel were to each other. M never wavered in her love of him, and though Sean was a genuine option, and he was more than happy to enter into a relationship with her, she stayed loyal to Rigel the entire time. Kudos to M.

I still felt so badly for Sean in this book. He definitely drew the shorter straw. The author attempted to give him his HEA at the end and I didn’t like it – it was rushed and an ill fit.

Now that I’ve completed the series, I can say that it was enjoyable, but it didn’t rock my world. If I was rating the entire series, I would rate it 3.5 stars. I can’t ever see myself re-reading it, which is something I always do with series I love. That said, it’s a well-written series that is suitable for tweens and up.

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