Review: The Mark of Fate (Touched Saga #1.5) by Elisa S. Amore

The Mark of FateTitle: The Mark of Fate
Author: Elisa S. Amore
Series: Touched Saga #1.5
Rating: 3.5 stars
Genres: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

London, 1720. A young boy escapes through the crowd, a young woman in tears cries out in despair. For Evan James, one brief moment is enough for him to understand what has happened and to set off in hot pursuit of the little thief. When Evan returns to restore to the lady her stolen goodsโ€”a priceless antique medallionโ€”Lady Venetia is struck by the young manโ€™s beauty, his refined manner and his noble spirit. It is for this reason that she invites him to a reception taking place that evening at her fatherโ€™s estate. It would be a rare opportunity for Evan to mingle with Londonโ€™s nobility and, one day, even to win the hand of Lady Venetia, whose dowry might save his family from financial ruin. And yet, something inside Evan makes him refuse. As if, deep in his heart, he could already feel that he belonged to another woman. A woman he had yet to meet. A woman who, when the moment arrived, would forever seal his fateโ€ฆ

With her direct yet multi-faceted style, Elisa S. Amore skillfully weaves together love, mystery and action to give life to a tale that is passionate and intense, filled with boldness and romance. It is a story that serves as the perfect introduction and prequel to Touched.

My Review:
I’m a big fan of paranormal romance, particularly anything involving an Angels theme, and I’m really enjoying The Touched Saga so far. I cannot wait to read the third installment, especially after that shocking ending in Unfaithful.

The Mark of Fate is a short story which offers some insight into Evan’s backstory. While it’s a decent addition to the series, I can’t say that I was particularly blown away by it, and I felt it could have added more value if it had been fleshed out a bit.

We learn about Evan’s unsettled family background, witness his protective side when he chases a robber and retrieves a young lady’s possessions, and watch him deflect the many females who express interest in him. My favorite part was the dream sequence where he dreams of Jamie.

There’s a mystery lady, the sudden appearance of the mark of fate and his destiny is sealed. This book was tipping along nicely until the last part where I became very confused. I didn’t actually realize that he had died and was on a new path. I’m left with some questions (like who is the woman, how did Evan die, and why? Why was he chosen for this life??) and concerned that I may never get answers to them, but I guess I’ll have to wait to read the next two books to see if they are explored. It seems doubtful, but one can hope!

If you are a fan of this series then you will most likely enjoy this quick read.

Actual 3.5 stars.

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