Review: Wicked Needs (Wicked Bay #5) by L.A. Cotton

Title: Wicked Needs
Author: L.A. Cotton
Series: Wicked Bay #5
Rating: 5 stars
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Itโ€™s a fine line between love and hate.

Bitch … Ice Queen … Frigid.

Macey Prince is no stranger to a nickname or two. The words once hurt, now theyโ€™re her armor. Being a Prince might be a life sentence she can never escape but Macey isnโ€™t willing for her heart to be collateral again.

Then in a rare moment of weakness Macey lets someone in. Without realizing, she gives a piece of herself to him and itโ€™s not long until he wants more. To uncover the girl behind cruel words and icy stares.

She should hate him.

She does hate him.

Anything less would be a disaster waiting to happen.

But sometimes the thing we hate is the thing we need most.

My Review:
Macey Prince has been an enigma in this series to date and I couldn’t wait to find out what was going on with her. Lianne didn’t disappoint. My jaw fell open when her secret love was revealed and I was disgusted at first because this guy has not endeared himself to me during the series to date, and I so wasn’t expecting it to be him, but I quickly changed my opinion of him and realized I had him pegged all wrong.

I felt Macey’s pain even if I wanted to slap her around the place for her stupidity at times.

I was so glad everything worked out for them in the end as they both deserved it. Loved seeing our other two couples, especially Rick and Lo, and it was great to see such strong character development with Rick in particular. The way he responded made me all warm and fuzzy inside. (It also made me wish there were more books coming for my favorite couple but that’s just me being greedy.)

This one ticked all the boxes for me and made my angst-loving heart very happy.

Highly recommended.

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