Sneak Peek: In the Unlikely Event by LJ Shen

Want to read a short excerpt from In the Unlikely Event by LJ Shen? Scroll down for more information about this book and the short sneak peek! This book releases on 19th November.

Title: In the Unlikely Event
Author: LJ Shen
Series: standalone
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Sometimes you meet people who are out of this world, so you make them a part of yours.

A one-night stand born from vengeance in a foreign land.
An explosive chemistry neither of us could deny.
We signed a contract on the back of a Boarโ€™s Head Pub napkin that said if we ever met again, we would drop everything and be together.
Eight years and thousands of miles later, heโ€™s here.
In New York.
And heโ€™s Americaโ€™s music obsession.
The intangible Irish poet who brings record executives to their knees.
The blizzard in my perfect, unshaken snow globe.
Last time we spoke, he was a beggar with no intention of becoming a king.
But a king he became, and now Iโ€™m his servant.
Iโ€™m not the same broken princess Malachy Doherty put back together with his callused hands.
I have a career I love.
A boyfriend I adore.
An apartment, a roommate, a life.
I changed. He changed, too.
But Mal kept the napkin.
Question is, will I keep my word?

Sneak Peek from In the Unlikely Event:

Chapter One
Present day

My life is contained in a round, beautiful snow globe.

The kind no one has bothered to pick up from the dusty shelf in years. Unshaken. Quiet and still. From the outside, my manicured Swiss village looks perfect. And it is. Kind of. At twenty-six, it appears I have my life together.

Perfect job.

Perfect apartment.

Perfect roommate.

Perfect boyfriend.

Perfect lies.

Well, theyโ€™re not lies, per se. All my accomplishments are real. I worked hard for them. Problem is, I promised eight years ago to give them all away in the blink of an eye if I bumped into him again. But back then, I wasnโ€™t the same person I am today.

I was lost. Grieving. Broken. Confused.

Not that it matters, because that was then, and this is now, and itโ€™s not him Iโ€™m staring at. Nope. Thereโ€™s no way.

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About the Author:
L.J. Shen is a USA Today, Washington Post and Amazon #1 best-selling author of contemporary, New Adult and YA romance. Her books have been sold to nineteen different countries.

She lives in California with her husband, son, cat and eccentric fashion choices, and enjoys good wine, bad reality TV shows and catching sun rays with her lazy cat.


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