SURPRISE PROMO: Destroyed Destiny (Crowne Point #4) by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Today we have a special promotion for Destroyed Destiny (Crowne Point #4) by Mary Catherine Gebhard.



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About the Book

Title: Destroyed Destiny
Author: Mary Catherine Gebhard
Series: Crowne Point #4
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Our love broke the rules.
From the first stolen kiss to the last, destiny put us at odds.
Now four hearts are crossed, our happily ever afters tangled in heartache.
The bed Iโ€™m in doesnโ€™t belong to my thorny prince, but the one holding his crown hostage.
If my destiny with Grayson Crowne is divided, then weโ€™ll spend a lifetime finding our happily ever after.
But if a house divided never stands, then my destiny with Grayson never stood a chanceโ€ฆ.maybe we donโ€™t need to find our destiny.
We need to destroy it.
As we fight to write happily ever after, the ugliest truth holds it captive.
The princess has a destiny with the villain too.
Even if she hates it.
Even when itโ€™s wrong.

About the Author:
I’m in love with men who stop at nothing for their women, so I write them!


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