Sweet Retribution Release Day

Today is the release day for Sweet Retribution, the final book in my Rydeville High Elite trilogy. I am so excited to share the epic conclusion of Abby and Kai’s romance with you, and I can promise this one is full of shocking twists and turns, swoon-worthy romance, and steamy smexy times just like the first two books. And, in breaking news, this isn’t the end of the Rydeville High Elite series as I am writing some interconnected standalone books about Charlie, Jackson, and Sawyer which are slated for release in 2020. If interest in this world continues, I will also write Drew’s book and I have a spin-off series featuring Kai’s brothers in the works too! So, lots more dark awesomeness to come!

Sweet Retribution

Sweet RetributionSweet Retribution (Rydeville High Elite #3)
by Siobhan Davis

Book Description:
The good thing about hitting rock bottom is Iโ€™ve nothing left to lose, and the only way is up.

He thinks heโ€™s destroyed me. Broken me beyond repair.

But he always underestimates women.

All heโ€™s done is reinforced my resolve. I wonโ€™t stop until justice prevails and he gets whatโ€™s coming to him.

Kaiden is the only light in the darkness. He gives me the strength to continue fighting for the future we both craveโ€”a world where we are free to love one another and make our own choices.

Until then, the charade must continue.

Game on.

This concludes Abby and Kai’s romance. 106k words, full-length novel. This is a dark romance, and some scenes may be triggering. Only recommended to readers aged eighteen and older.



I thought true soul-deep love was a myth.
But Iโ€™m happy to prove myself wrong, because what we share goes deeper than flesh. Itโ€™s transcendental, and there will never be another man for me.
Kai is it.
For all time.
His mouth is on mine in a flash, and it doesnโ€™t seem to matter that heโ€™s hurt, because his lips and his tongue devour me with an intensity and a need that mirrors my own. He flattens his back against the side of the door, holding me flush against his rock-hard body as we ravish one another. And I canโ€™t stop kissing him. I need his kisses like I need oxygen. I suck in his scent and his taste, and I plunder his lips and his mouth, not knowing when we will get to do this again.
When we eventually pull our lips apart, itโ€™s only because weโ€™re both struggling to breathe. He places his forehead on mine, holding me firmly at the waist. โ€œBaby. Iโ€™ve missed you so much.โ€
I tighten my arms around his neck. โ€œIโ€™ve missed you too. I was so worried.โ€ I dust his face with feather-soft kisses, touching every place where my father hurt him. โ€œI was so scared he was going to kill you.โ€ Tears pool in my eyes and Iโ€™m dangerously close to losing control of my emotions. โ€œIโ€™m so sorry he did this to you.โ€
โ€œShush, sweetheart.โ€ He rubs his thumb along my swollen lower lip. โ€œItโ€™s not your fault. We were too careless. We shouldโ€™ve had a protection detail with us. We wonโ€™t make that same mistake again.โ€
โ€œThatโ€™s who those guys were out front?โ€ I ask, remembering the four guys dressed all in black, blending into the shadows.
He nods, tucking me in under his arm, wincing at the motion. I try to shuck out from under his arm, but he holds me tighter. โ€œDonโ€™t. I donโ€™t care that it hurts. I need you close.โ€


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