The Chosen One Release Day

The Chosen One is FINALLY here!! I know those of you who are reading my Alinthia series have been eagerly anticipating this release and I’m thrilled to share it with you today. This fourth book is an important book because it builds a base for the final showdown in the fifth book, and there’s a big focus on the relationships and the bond between Alinthia and her protectors. I said at the outset that it would get steamier as the series progresses and this book is HAWT!!!  The entire series is FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited and you can download your copy of this new release here.

About the book

Book Description:

Is she strong enough to fulfill her legacy or will the dark side prevail?

After the gruesome battle on Xzanthar, General Arantu is on a mission to seek retribution, and he has Earth in his sights. Alinthia and her protectors ally with the government to shield innocent humans from attack, but that’s not their only concern.

As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Alinthia’s awakening draws closer, and no one knows what to expect.

Working from the secret society’s hidden base in the Valley of the Queens, Alinthia attempts to forge partnerships with alien allies in preparation for the ultimate battle. However, emotions are running high, distrust is rampant, and loyalty is hard-won.

Dane continues to push Alinthia away, causing additional friction and uncertainty when they can’t afford to be divided. Determined to avoid confronting what happened on Xzanthar, he throws himself into his duties, butting heads with everyone as he struggles to deal with the aftermath.

Presenting a united front has never been more important, but will their bond be enough to save Alinthia from the dark, evil forces still lurking in the shadows? Or are they all doomed to fail?



“Morning, handsome.” I beam up at him, circling my arms around his neck. “Did you sleep okay?”

“What kind of question is that?” Maddox asks, cupping my ass in my jeans. “I was sleeping beside you.” He shrugs, but there’s a twinkle in his eye. “It was the best sleep of my life.”

Coop gags. “And you have the nerve to call me cheesy?”

“Stop teasing him,” I toss over my shoulder. “I love Maddox’s new romantic side.” Although, there was nothing romantic about the way he possessively claimed my body last night. But that’s a private moment between the two of us and not something to share.

“Maddox doesn’t believe in romance,” Beck says, wandering into the kitchen with his iPad in hand. I swear he sleeps with the damn thing. I guess it’s his form of a comfort blanket.

“I do now,” Maddox instantly replies, and Beck raises a brow in silent question. “I just needed to find the right girl.”

I don’t enjoy thinking of any girls who might have come before me, so I purposely don’t respond to that statement. Leaning forward, I swipe the iPad out of Beck’s hands, placing it on the counter, as Coop butters toast and Maddox pours coffee into several cups. “I’m making a new rule. No iPads, tablets, cameras, or any kind of tech device at the table when we eat.” I cross my arms around my chest, daring him to argue with me.

“No problem.” He kisses me sweetly. “You’re the boss.”

I arch a brow, letting my arms drop to my sides. “That easy, huh?”

Coop chuckles, sliding a hand underneath my top and palming my stomach. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know you have all of us wrapped around your little finger.”

Not all of you.

I gulp over the painful lump in my throat, staring at the empty chair where Dane usually sits.

Praise for The Chosen One

“I just love this series and really look forward to the last book!! Very Highly Recommended!!!” Book Dragon Girl

“The Chosen One is the most important book of the series to me. It’s ALL ABOUT THE BONDS.” Jennifer G. Goodreads reviewer

“Siobhan truly knows how to deliver each piece of this very enticing story perfectly. I cannot wait to see what happens in the final installment in this series.” Courtney. Goodreads reviewer

“Dane, Coop, Maddox, Beck, and Alinthia will have you feeling all the feels – angst, joy, heartbreak, heat, and love in abundance. If you haven’t started this series yet – DO IT NOW!” Diane. Goodreads reviewer

“Just as addictive as the other books! Great character development and changes in group dynamics. Can’t wait for the next book!” Danni. Goodreads reviewer

“As always, Siobhan Davis pulls you in. Wow, what a way to pull the strings holding your heart.” Sarah. Goodreads reviewer

Review: Holding On To Heaven (Allendale Four #2) by Angel Lawson

Title: Holding On To Heaven
Author: Angel Lawson
Series: Allendale Four #2
Rating: 4.5 stars
Genres: Contemporary Romance/ Reverse Harem

Keep Calm and Survive High School.

That was my motto. It was easier with the Allendale Four by my side and with college on the horizon, I had no doubt we’d have the best time of our lives.

No parents. No rules. Lots of freedom.

Except even with the bullies that harassed me out of the picture the past is hard to shake. New obstacles emerge, along with old hang-ups and bad habits.

I know the guys; Oliver, Jackson, Anderson and Hayden have my back, but what happens when outside forces threaten to tear us apart?

Find out in Holding on to Heaven the second installment of The Allendale Four series.

This book contains content involving older teens, in a college setting along with social issues, depression and suicide.

My Review:
4.5 stars. Best book in the series. I literally devoured it from start to finish in one sitting. Loved it.

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