Excerpt Reveal: All Grown Up by Vi Keeland

Today is the excerpt reveal for All Grown Up by Vi Keeland!

Title: All Grown Up
Author: Vi Keeland
Series: standalone
Genres: Contemporary Romance

A new, sexy standalone from #1 New York Times Bestseller, Vi Keeland.

When I first encountered Ford Donovan, I had no idea who he was…well, other than the obvious. Young, gorgeous, successful, smart. Did I mention young? If I did, it bears repeating. Ford Donovan was too young for me.

Let’s back up to how it all started. My best friend decided I needed to start dating again. So, without my knowledge, she set up a profile for me on a popular dating site—one that invited men ages twenty-one to twenty-seven to apply for a date. Those nicknamed Cunnilingus King were told they’d go straight to the top for consideration. The profile wasn’t supposed to go live. Another point that bears repeating—it wasn’t supposed to.

Nevertheless, that’s how I met Ford, and we started messaging. He made me laugh; yet I was adamant that because of his age, we could only be friends. But after weeks of wearing me down, I finally agreed to one date only—my first after twenty years of being with my high school sweetheart. I knew it couldn’t last, but I was curious about him.

Though, you know what they say…curiosity kills the cat.

My legs wobbled walking into the restaurant.

Ford was seated at the bar. When he turned around, he took my breath away.

His sexy smile nearly melted my panties.

But…he looked so familiar.

As I got closer I realized why.

He was the son of the neighbor at our family’s summer home.

The boy next door.

Only now…he was all man.

I hadn’t seen him in years.

I left the restaurant and planned to put the entire crazy thing behind me.

Which I did. Until summer came.

And guess who decided to use his family’s summer home this year?

Excited about Vi Keeland’s upcoming release, All Grown Up?
Check out this SNEAK PEEK:

Eve’s face flashed on the screen, and I swiped to answer.
“Give me all the details.”
I shook my head repeatedly, even though she couldn’t see me. “It was horrible.”
“What happened? What did the bastard do to you? I’ll cut his balls off.”
Eve’s response made me smile for the first time since I’d laid eyes on my date. “No. It wasn’t that kind of horrible. He was a perfect gentleman.”
“Very sweet and funny, too.”
“Sounds awful,” she said sarcastically.
“And gorgeous.”
“The balls on him.”
“That’s not the worst part.”
“Let’s see…he’s young, gorgeous, sweet, and funny. What could be worse than that? He’s hung like a horse?”
“I wouldn’t know. And you know why I don’t know that?”
“Because you’re an uptight prude who hasn’t been laid in years?”
“That might be true. But the larger problem is that he is one of Ryan’s friends.”
Eve cackled. “That’s not a problem, that’s fantastic! Bang his brains out and send him to play golf with your ex. Let him eat his heart out when he realizes what he lost.”
“Ummm…Eve, I wasn’t talking about my ex, Ryan. I was talking about my son.”
“I’ll be over in twenty minutes.”

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About the Author:
Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over a hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in two-dozen languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.


Cover Reveal: Hart of Darkness by S.B. Alexander

Today is my stop during the cover reveal for Hart of Darkness by S.B. Alexander.

Title: Hart of Darkness
Author: S.B. Alexander
Series: The Hart #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Suspense

The road to love is paved in the dark.

Former gang member Dillon Hart abandoned the streets to join the US Merchant Marines. He feels his life is finally on track until he returns home to discover that his sixteen-year-old sister is missing. With his younger brother in jail and his older brother living a life of crime, it’s up to Dillon to find Grace. After four years of searching, a phone call from a morgue gives him a lead that he can’t pass up. Enlisting the help of a cutthroat reporter may be his only hope.

Crime reporter Maggie Marx has just the right mix of grit and sex appeal to get anything she wants, even the darkest stories on the street. Growing up in a gang, she had her fair share of setbacks and obstacles. When Dillon Hart seeks her help, she’s more than ready to take down the street’s biggest enemy. Her actions could help her exact revenge or land her in the belly of the beast.

As Dillon and Maggie team up to search for Dillon’s sister, they aren’t prepared to find what lies ahead. One family is torn apart. Another is brought together. Hearts are shredded, secrets are uncovered, and love takes on a whole new meaning.

About the Author:
I’m Susan Alexander, and you’ll find my books under S.B. Alexander. A little about me. I’ve been writing since 2012 and started with writing all about vampires. After the second vampire book, I began to branch out in New Adult Romance. I love to read mostly all genres, and I’m always game to try something new. So I tested my hand at writing romantic suspense and just loved it. So you’ll find I write in several different sub-genres of romance.

In between writing, I spend time with my soul mate of 20 years who got a bad deal in life. Three years ago he was diagnosed with ALS. It’s a horrible disease, but we both have been making the best of life, laughing, smiling, and doing what we can together.

But writing is a great outlet for me to take my mind to another place. Plus, I have a great network of family, friends, fans, and so much more. I truly have an angel on my shoulder. My mantra is make the best of life because it’s too darn short.


Cover Reveal: If You Dare by Shantel Tessier

Today is the cover reveal for If You Dare by Shantel Tessier!

Title: If You Dare
Author: Shantel Tessier
Series: Dare #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance

The game was over. The dares were getting old, and the secrets were piling up faster than the bodies.

But someone had other plans. They wanted to play a new game.

Becky Holt was the love of his life until he found out what she was hiding. Now he wants to seek his revenge in the most daring way.

Deke Biggs has always been a shark. He’s not afraid to kill, and he’s about to become her worst nightmare.

But there’s a new player, and she plans on taking everything, no matter what the cost.

Try to beat him— If You Dare!

Who will win and who will lose?

I Dare You (Dare Series #1) – ON SALE FOR ONLY $1.99
Amazon US

I Promise You (Dare Series #2)
Amazon US

About the Author:
Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, who is a wonderful, supportive husband and their two daughters. She loves to spend time cuddled up on the couch with a good book.

She considers herself extremely lucky to do what she does while getting to work from home. Going to concerts and the movies are just a few of her favorite things to do. She hates coffee but loves wine. She and her husband are both huge football fans, college and NFL. And she has to feed her high heel addiction by shopping for shoes weekly.

Although she has a passion to write, her family is most important to her. She loves spending evenings at home with her husband and daughter, along with their cat and dog.


Release day Blitz: Kickin’ It (Red Card #2) by Rachel Van Dyken

Today is my stop during the tour for Kickin’ It (Red Card #2) by Rachel Van Dyken.

Title: Kickin’ It
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Red Card #2

Love breaks the offside rule in New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s irresistibly sexy Red Card romance.

Successful, high-profile sports agent Matt Kingston thinks he can handle anything. Then soccer player Parker Speedman shows up at his door. She is young and gorgeous, has natural talent, and is looking for a team. She’s also a hothead with a punchy past who floored her last coach on live TV. Despite his misgivings, Matt agrees to be both her agent and her coach. Professional common sense says she’s off-limits. But what can he say about the raw attraction between them?

Parker plays soccer with her heart and soul. But after the events of the last year, she’s shaken. She’s already seen what a powerful man can do to a female athlete’s career. And her beloved dream is in the hands of a sexy, gorgeous man with the uncanny ability to slip past her defenses…and into her heart.

Now Matt and Parker are about to learn that when it comes to love, the only way to win is by breaking every rule they know. And by playing nice. Real nice.

About the Author:
Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!


Book Blitz: Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout + Giveaway

Today is my stop during the book blitz for Storm and Fury (The Harbinger #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Read on for more information about this book and a spectacular giveaway.

Title: Storm and Fury
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: The Harbinger #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance

Enter a world of gargoyle protectors, rising demons and one girl with an explosive secret.

Eighteen-year-old Trinity Marrow may be going blind, but she can see and communicate with ghosts and spirits. Her unique gift is part of a secret so dangerous that she’s been in hiding for years in an isolated compound fiercely guarded by Wardens—gargoyle shape-shifters who protect humankind from demons. If the demons discover the truth about Trinity, they’ll devour her, flesh and bone, to enhance their own powers.

When Wardens from another clan arrive with disturbing reports that something out there is killing both demons and Wardens, Trinity’s safe world implodes. Not the least because one of the outsiders is the most annoying and fascinating person she’s ever met. Zayne has secrets of his own that will upend her world yet again—but working together becomes imperative once demons breach the compound and Trinity’s secret comes to light. To save her family and maybe the world, she’ll have to put her trust in Zayne. But all bets are off as a supernatural war is unleashed…

JLA_Author-photoAbout Jennifer L. Armentrout:
# 1 New York Times and # 1 International Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing, she spends her time reading, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki.

Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV. Her young adult romantic suspense novel DON’T LOOK BACK was a 2014 nominated Best in Young Adult Fiction by YALSA.

She also writes Adult and New Adult contemporary and paranormal romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.



And there is a big giveaway that you can enter. You can enter the giveaway here.

Cruel Intentions Release Day

I am super excited to confirm today is the release day for Cruel Intentions! This is the first book in my new Rydeville High Elite series, with 3 books planned so far. Early reviews from my ARC team have been AMAZING and I’m thrilled that I can finally share this story with you! This is dark, high school bully romance and it’s twisty, suspenseful, angsty, and dramatic with plenty of steamy romance. Because of mature content and potential triggers this series is recommended for readers aged eighteen and older. You can download a copy of Cruel Intentions exclusively from Amazon and it’s also FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

About the Book

Cruel Intentions (Rydeville High Elite #1)Cruel Intentions (Rydeville High Elite #1)
by Siobhan Davis

Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance/ Bully Romance
Age Category: Upper Young Adult/New Adult
Release Date: June 10, 2019

Book Description:
In the power struggle between two elite groups, one feisty girl will bring them to their knees…

Life is a cruel game where only the most ruthless survive. It’s a truth my mother rebelled against, and she paid for it with her life. Now, I play their game. Publicly accepting the destiny that lies in wait for me when I turn eighteen.

But, behind closed doors, I plot my escape.

Trent, Charlie, and my twin, Drew, rule the hallways of Rydeville High with arrogance and an iron fist. I execute my role perfectly, hating every second, but they never let me forget my place in this world.

Everyone obeys the rules. They have for generations. Because our families have always been in control.

Until Cam, Sawyer, and Jackson show up. Throwing their new money around. Challenging the status quo. Setting hearts racing with their gorgeous faces, hot bodies, and bad boy attitudes.

Battle lines are drawn. Sides are taken. And I’m trapped in the middle, because I made a mistake one fateful night when I gave my V-card to a stranger in a blatant F you to my fiancé.

I thought it was the one thing I owned. A precious memory to carry me through each dark day.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Because the stranger was Camden Marshall, leader of the new elite and my perpetual tormenter. He hates me with a passion unrivaled, and he won’t be the only one. Fire will rain down if the truth is revealed, threatening alliances, and the power struggle will turn vicious.

My life will hang in the balance.

But I’ll be ready, and I’m not going down without a fight.

Book Trailer



“Want to spout that bullshit again?” he says in a low, deep voice that sends shivers fleeing all over my body. He steps into me, and I step back, but he closes the gap again, and we play this little game where he moves and I move until my back slams into a tree and I’m caged in by his powerful arms. “I’m waiting.”

“You can keep waiting because I’m not in the habit of repeating myself. Especially not to bullying assholes who think they can push me around and force me into submission.”

“Oh, baby. We both know I wouldn’t have to force you into anything.” He presses the length of his body against mine, and I silently pray for strength I know I don’t possess.

“Get off me,” I say, but it sounds weak, and Jackson sniggers.

“Make me. Because I can do this all night, sweetheart.” He nips at my ear, dragging it between his teeth, and the pleasure-pain sensation radiates throughout my body, eradicating all logical thought. “Remember what I said? Fighting me only turns me on,” he whispers against my face, his warm breath sending me into a daze as he thrusts his cock into my pelvis. “And I’m always horny as fuck after I fight.”


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Cover reveal and Pre-order Twisted Betrayal

I have a cover reveal and pre-order announcement for you today! You can now preorder Twisted Betrayal, book 2 in the Rydeville High Elite series, coming August 2019.

I’m loving ALL the covers in this series so much! Thanks to Robin Harper of Wicked By Design for the gorgeous cover art and Sara Eirew Photographer for another fab shot of models Anthony Desforges and Hélène Bujold.


US➡️ https://amzn.to/2KtbOda
UK➡️ https://amzn.to/2HVYZWM
CA➡️ https://amzn.to/2HVQnj2
AUS➡️ https://amzn.to/2XzxIiF
Universal➡️ https://smarturl.it/TwistedBetrayal

US➡️ https://amzn.to/2KbBISu
UK➡️ https://amzn.to/2QDsJL1
CA➡️ https://amzn.to/2QEupnp
AUS➡️ https://amzn.to/2wymJty
Universal➡️ https://smarturl.it/CruelIntentionsEbook

Wicked Bad Boys – Free Bully Romance Set!

I’ve collaborated with some author friends on a special edition box set which contains samples from USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors writing in the dark high school bully romance genre. This set is FREE to download for a limited period only. I’ve included a sample from my book Cruel Intentions in the set. And there are also excerpts from books by: Callie Hart, C.M. Stunich, Coralee June & Raven Kennedy, Jaymin Eve & Tate James, Sam Mariano and Shantel Tessier.

Swoon over these brooding heroes and the feisty heroines who bring them to their knees!

This special edition box set, available for a limited time, contains samples from dark high school bully romance books. For fans of brooding, dark, bad boys, strong heroines, and sizzling romance.

The following USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors have included excerpts in this set:

Callie Hart
C.M. Stunich
Coralee June & Raven Kennedy
Jaymin Eve & Tate James
Sam Mariano
Shantel Tessier
Siobhan Davis

Cover Reveal: Heartache Duet by Jay McLean

Today is the cover reveal for both books in Jay McLean’s upcoming Heartache Duet series! Heartache and Hope (Book 1) releases on June 28, 2019 and First and Forever (Book 2) on July 12, 2019. Don’t miss the giveaway for a $100 Amazon Gift Card! You can enter the giveaway here.

Series: Heartache Duet
Author: Jay McLean
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Ava Diaz needs saving.
She just doesn’t know it yet.
Just like she doesn’t know a thing about the boy
she sits next to on the first day of senior year.
He thinks she’s a brat.
She thinks he’s entitled.
Maybe first impressions don’t always last…
Because Connor Ledger’s about to save her.
He just doesn’t know why.

Add the Duet to your to read list on Goodreads
$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway here

About the Author:
Jay McLean is an international best-selling author and full-time reader, writer of New Adult and Young Adult romance, and skilled procrastinator. When she’s not doing any of those things, she can be found running after her three little boys, investing way too much time on True Crime Documentaries and binge-watching reality TV.
She writes what she loves to read, which are books that can make her laugh, make her hurt and make her feel.

Jay lives in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, in her dream home where music is loud and laughter is louder.

For publishing rights (Foreign & Domestic) Film or television, please contact her agent Erica Spellman-Silverman, at Trident Media Group.


Release Day: Professor With Benefits by Hazel Kelly

Today is the release day for Professor With Benefits by Hazel Kelly! Read on for more information about the book and a giveaway!

Title: Professor With Benefits
Author: Hazel Kelly
Series: Beta Brothers #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Sadie’s no princess, and she doesn’t appreciate being treated like one. As far as she’s concerned, women who don’t wear ridiculous shoes don’t need to be swept off their feet, and the last thing the world needs right now is one more hopeless romantic maiming one more unsuspecting daisy.

But when a handsome, young professor takes an unprofessional interest in her mossy green eyes and muddy attitude, she can’t help but enjoy the sparkly feeling his attention stirs in her. And the more he lays on the charm, the more she fears she’s not as attached to her loneliness as she once thought.
Too bad he’s off limits. Then again, limits have never really interested Sadie.
But dreamy professors with penetrating blue eyes and sinfully sexy stubble? That’s a subject that’s about to make her senior year very interesting indeed…

I licked my lips, turned on by the torment in his face. No one had ever wanted me like this. It was like he didn’t even care what was at stake, like wanting me wasn’t a choice.
My mind flashed back to the first day of class when I told him I would’ve given him everything. At the time, I’d been teasing him, having a bit of harmless fun. But it didn’t feel so harmless now. Now that I realized I meant it. Now that I realized I didn’t just want to get naked for this guy. I wanted to strip down to my soul.
His eyes searched mine as he clenched his jaw, holding his tension there for ages. It was like time stood still. We didn’t move. We didn’t breathe. We didn’t blink. Soon, the thundering rain softened slightly, and a few minutes later, it let up a little more. Still, we stayed put.
I wondered what he was thinking, but nothing could’ve improved on the silence between us just then. It was perfect, delirious. Besides, I didn’t have a coherent thought in my head. All I had was a bunch of feelings, and those were even more impossible to interpret. They wouldn’t even hold still. It was like they were exploding inside me like fireworks one after another, a chain reaction of punctuated bliss and paralyzing sexual frustration.
The twenty-two bus pulled up to the shelter as the rain stopped, and Kellan waved the driver away when he opened the door.
“We should’ve gotten on,” I said, smiling as it pulled away. “See where it might’ve taken us.”
“I thought we were happy here.” His crazy blue eyes sparkled. “I was thinking we should never leave.”
“It would be easy to invite friends over,” I said. “Living right on the bus route.”
“No. No friends. No visitors.”
I scrunched my nose. “Just us? At this bus stop? Forever?”
He squeezed the back of his neck and looked me up and down like I was magic. Like I’d enchanted him, and he never wanted to come out from under my spell. “We could do worse.”

About the Author:
Hazel Kelly is an Amazon bestselling author who writes sweet and steamy romance that will make you smile all over.

When she’s not traveling the globe in search of cozy hammocks to write in, she enjoys tackling her tbr list with a nice big glass of anything will do. She lives in Dublin with a charming Irishman and their three-legged furbaby.


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