The Warrior Princess: Cover Reveal

Today, I can finally share the cover and pre-order for The Warrior Princess with you! The Warrior Princess is the third book in my Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem series (Alinthia.) And it’s now available to pre-order on Amazon.

Massive thanks to Victoria Cooper for designing another amazing cover in this series.

“Brimming with intrigue, heartbreak, romance (times four), and all the hot I have come to expect from Siobhanโ€™s alien worlds.โ€ย Jaymin Eve, USA Today bestselling author of the Curse of the Gods series.

The Warrior Princess (Alinthia #3)
The Warrior Princess (Alinthia #3)
by Siobhan Davis

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Reverse Harem
Age Category: Upper Young Adult/ New Adult
Release Date: 30 August, 2018

Book Description:
Sheโ€™ll tear the galaxy apart to save themโ€ฆ

Captured by a special, secret government agency, Alinthia is now facing another new realityโ€”one where sheโ€™s separated from the four guys who have come to mean so much to her. But she has faith in Dane, Coop, Maddox, and Beck, and she refuses to give up hope.

Until she discovers General Arantu and his despicable daughter have imprisoned her protectors and time is running out to save them.

Desperate to escape the governmentโ€™s clutches and rescue her loved ones, Alinthia finds unlikely allies in the strangest of places. With their help, she finally understands what is required to assume full control of her powers and fulfil her legacy.

However, the more she discovers about herself and her abilities, the more she understands how fragile the line is between good and evil, darkness and light, right and wrong.

Will she make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love, or are there some lines that canโ€™t ever be crossed?

The third book in the captivating Alinthia series is intended for readers aged seventeen and older. This is upper YA/NA crossover reverse harem paranormal romance which gets steamier as the series develops.


First two books in the series

The Lost SaviorThe Secret Heir

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